About Me

Hello. I'm Francesca, the cook in pink pyjamas. (Not in this photo, although I do actually cook in pyjamas. They're white with pink spots.)

I'm twenty-one years old, from Britain, and living in South Korea. I've also lived in Germany and Hawai'i, and have been picking up various recipes and food preferences along the way. (I miss currywurst, and Taco Bell, and cheese. Oh, how I miss cheese.) Cooking abroad is a great challenge, as you navigate seemingly-unknowable languages (at least it feels that way) and ingredients to try and find something that you can make food from. Your repertoire expands, as does your ability to adapt strange ingredients to familiar tastes.

A lot of my recipes refer to a deep or large ovenable dish. My go-to oven bowl is terracotta and has a 23cm diameter, a 77cm circumference, and is 8cm deep.

Leave a comment and I'll be happy to get back to you.