Essential Recipes

Here is a list of my basic recipes - the food I default to when there aren't many ingredients to experiment with, or when the day has just been too long. Most of these recipes came from my earliest days of food blogging so are hidden way back in the archives. I hope you enjoy them!

Enchiladas - tortilla wraps, beans, meat, salsa, cheese.
Pasta Bake - pasta, tomato.
Spaghetti Carbonara - pasta, onion, chicken, bacon, cream, egg.
Penne alla Betsy - pasta, tomato, cream, chicken or prawns.
Pesto Chicken - pesto, cream, chicken.
Risotto - rice, wine, comfort.
Stuffed Chicken Breast - chicken, cream cheese, bacon.
Tortilla Pie - tortilla wraps, beans, salsa, cheese.