12 September 2010

Pesto Chicken

Cooked for 10. Taken from this recipe.

12 chicken breasts in the oven for half an hour.
2 small jars of pesto and 4 tubs of cream cheese melted on a low heat in a pan. Shook water in each jar and added that. Salt+pepper, plus a few hefty pinches of Italian herb mix. On tasting I found it far too creamy, so I added a few glugs of white wine.
Once the chicken was pierced and confirmed cooked, I placed all the breasts in the sauce and left them there for five minutes.

Served with curly spaghetti - the picture is not mine, I just got it from Google for reference. I meant to serve the chicken with Nigella's Hasselback potatoes but was too entranced by the curly spaghetti in the supermarket to keep with that plan. I think I'll do the potatoes with something tomorrow.

This meal was unbelievably simple and absolutely delicious! Very (but not excessively) rich sauce. Definitely something to do again, maybe with red pesto as I prefer it to green.