27 September 2010

Wrestle Curry

I didn't strictly make this: I supervised and guided my little brother as he made the meal. It was actually quite nice, and I was very impressed with the level of cool he maintained while cooking his first meal for the family - and it was for 10! The name of the dish is a reference to the person he got the recipe from - a wrestler, obviously.

Chopped 13 chicken breasts into bite-sized pieces and mixed in a bowl with 4 big tablespoons of mustard, till coated. Drizzle of olive oil heated on the stove, chicken pieces put in on a high heat.
2 apples, 3 figs and a handful of large cherry tomatoes were chopped and added to the chicken once it had browned lightly all over. 1 litre of natural yoghurt was added along with curry and chilli powders. Heat was reduced from high to medium.
Enough rice for 10 was put on the stove with boiling water and salt.

The dish was amazingly simple, delicious and fruity. I was surprised by how watery the sauce was given that it was mostly made of yoghurt. It had a bit of a kick to it, balanced out by the apple & fig. I was very proud of my brother and would be happy making this dish myself.

The next time I cook will be in Korea!