18 October 2010

Stuffed Chicken Thing

Last night I was craving my stuffed chicken, but a lack of the vital ingredients and cooking devices stopped me in my tracks. Until! I came across this recipe from Love and Olive Oil. Stuffed chicken... in a pan. But how to get around the fact that there was no cream cheese? Aha! Mustard to the rescue, from Wilde in the Kitchen.

I actually really enjoyed this. Tom is not a fan of the natural yoghurt, which (like everything in Korea) has had a bunch of sugar added to it, so that diminished his pleasure. However, it was hot and filling and still light, without being overly spicy. It definitely comes second to the original recipe - in fact, to every one of the three or four which inspired it - but it was not a bad substitute at all.

Also - welcome to the new background, drawn (admittedly poorly) by myself =)

Stuffed Chicken Thing
Serves 2

2 chicken breasts
1 egg

Wholegrain mustard
1 natural yoghurt (serving sized)
Handful of grated cheese
Handful of chopped onion

Wholegrain mustard
Curry powder

2 servings of rice

Mixed the ingredients for the stuffing (lots of mustard, little bit of honey) until thick. Mixed the ingredients for the rub. Put the rice on to cook. Slit open the chicken breasts and stuffed each with 1/3 of the stuffing mixture, coated in the oily rub, and put on a medium heat for about seven minutes. Added the leftover stuffing, rub, more onion and one egg to the pan and stirred thoroughly before turning the breasts. The stuffing fell out at this point but I kept spooning it back over the chicken.