05 November 2010

Chicken Tetrazzini

On Wednesday night I made chicken tetrazzini, adapted heavily (as usual) from this BBC Good Food recipe. It was good, and creamy, but I still have some cream left over! Argh. Again, I forgot to put broccoli in the dish (like Tuesday's Moroccan chicken, and Thursday's chicken with leftover gravy and rice) so we can all conclude that I have a blind spot in my mind when it comes to vegetables. And I love vegetables! Anyway, the recipe.

Chicken Tetrazzini
Serves 2 (laaaarge portions)

2 chicken breasts
250g pasta
Handful of chopped onion
2 tablespoons flour
300ml chicken stock
200ml cream
Glug of plum wine
1 egg

Other flavourings: soy sauce, 1 sachet ketchup, chilli powder, lemon vinegar, honey, handful of grated cheese, possibly others to taste

I fried the onions in a little bit of oil, adding salt (as per Nigella's recommendation) to release the onion's juices and braise more than fry them. Added the chicken and browned on each side. Removed the chicken, added flour to make the onions into a roux, and whisked in the chicken stock (with a fork - it still worked!). Brought to a boil and added the chicken back to the pan.

I put the pasta in heavily salted water for fifteen minutes and let both pans simmer. When the pasta was nearly cooked, I drained it and added it to the chicken pan, along with the cream, wine, and a beaten egg. The mixture simmered for about ten more minutes while I added other flavours to taste.