27 November 2010

Thanksgiving: In Progress

It's 4pm in Korea and we have been cooking since about 11:30. We have one duck, one chicken, a hell of a lot of potatoes roasting (about half of which, surprisingly, turned out to be purple - I'm believing and hoping that they are 'normal' rather than sweet), a similar amount of sweet potatoes peeled, chopped, and waiting to be boiled, uncooked stuffing and biscuit dough sitting patiently on the side, vegetables defrosting, and persimmon chutney on the stove.

Here are some of the recipes I'm using (and adapting) today - obviously a full write-up with reviews will be available shortly!

Brine for duck
Persimmon chutney
Chard with garlic chips
Hard sauce (probably)
Pumpkin pie

Wish me luck =)