06 December 2010

Chicken Stock

I've made stock once before - actually, the day that I first started this blog. I've been saving chicken carcasses in foil in the freezer and finally got around to putting the whole mess in a pan with some water this morning. Two chickens, one duck, and two poultry necks take up a lot of room in your standard small freezer.

Unfortunately I don't have a stock pan, and substituted with a large, deep wok. This meant that the duck carcass wouldn't fit - so our freezer isn't completely emptied out. I am sad. Never mind, the flat smells wonderful anyway!

Chicken Stock
Makes 24 servings (icecubes) plus about 100ml

1 onion
4 garlic cloves
2 frozen broccoli stems
2 frozen chicken carcasses (one large, one small)
2 frozen poultry necks (one chicken, one duck)
1 cup white wine
Herbs and seasoning

I quartered the onion, peeled the garlic cloves, and fried in oil for a few minutes. Added the broccoli stems to the pan and sweated them for another couple of minutes. Added the carcasses and necks to the pan, poured in the white wine, and then enough water to almost entirely cover everything. Turned the heat up to high until the water began to bubble, and then left on low for one hour. Added some herbs (thyme, oregano, rosemary, parsley and two bay leaves), stirred, and continued to cook for another hour and a half. Poured through a colander over a jug, and then poured into an ice cube tray. Covered and allowed to cool before freezing.