02 February 2011

A blog note

Just so as not to overly disappoint the few followers I find myself with, I'd like to announce that I'm away for a few days and so won't be posting any new recipes for about a week. Rest assured, I have been cooking - and bloody delicious meals too - I just haven't written about them because I've cheated in various ways (used a store-bought Korean 'beef spice mix', for one) or it simply hasn't been good enough (a re-hash of the sweet potato gnocchi with red wine sauce left me feeling sad for hours).

Tonight's dinner was Smitten Kitchen's roast chicken with dijon sauce, which was gorgeous but, I felt, lacking something. Maybe double cream would have made me happier - I just used single cream. I would write up the recipe now, but the camera battery is charging in preparation for our journey tomorrow. I'm so excited! Mostly because we're going to Carrefour (a French supermarket, where cheese is promised) and a wine bar with an Italian-trained chef (they sell gorgonzola pasta!), in honour of my birthday next week. We're also going to see a percussion show, which is based on cooking, so my inner chef geek will be well and truly pleased.

Have a good weekend everyone, and yah boo sucks to all of you who aren't on holiday for the Lunar New Year!