04 September 2010

Lunch Risotto

A couple of times a week I make myself risotto for lunch - mostly because no one else eats it, and it's so relaxing to make a meal for one for a change.

Based on this recipe for shrimp risotto (although I never use shrimp).
Cooked for 1.

Tablespoon of margarine, melted on a low heat. 1 chopped onion and 1 minced garlic clove, fried; sometimes I add a herb or spice at this stage but didn't today. Half a cup of rice and enough white wine to cover it, bubbled for a bit - I turn up the heat at this point.
I boiled water and added it to three teaspoons of my chicken stock, then added the stock bit by bit to the pan. Stir stir stir. Salt + pepper. I often add an extra flavouring at this point, normally a squeeze of tomato puree but mustard today - I think I prefer the tomato puree. Once cooked, I stirred in grated gouda and parmesan. It was a bit too liquidy today but still delicious comfort food.