07 October 2010

Beef 'Curry'

The last few meals were cooked, and written up, while I had no access to the internet - hence the sudden plethora of entries! This one was written on 6 October.

Running low on things to cook yesterday, as well as money with which to buy more, apartment 101 ended up with a store-cupboard 'curry'! It did the job, even if it didn't blow either of us away, and I just (this evening) had some leftovers – the beef was even nicer this time. I suppose, like all curries (though I am ashamed to use a nice word like 'curry' to describe this albeit edible mess), it improves with time.

Beef 'Curry'
Serves 2

1 pack of thin, flat beef (400g, although a bit less once the gristle had been thrown away, and this was enough for 2 meals + 1 leftovers meal + more)
Curry powder
Balsamic vinegar (I say balsamic vinegar. I actually used a creamy balsamic salad dressing as it was the only vinegar-y thing in the flat. Any vinegar works)
Tomato sauce/passata (I used a Tesco's own original pasta sauce)
Spices (I used chilli and cinnamon)
2 servings of spaghetti

Chopped the beef into bite-size parts (though on the large side). Made curry paste: (very) approximately one tablespoon of curry powder to one tablespoon of vinegar. (I made too little and added more vinegar and curry powder to the pan.) Added the beef to a hot, oiled pan with the curry paste. Stirred until lightly cooked. Poured into the tomato sauce, some milk, lots of chilli and cinnamon spices and salt+pepper, and left to simmer for about half an hour – the sauce got quite thick.
Boiled 2 servings of spaghetti in salted water until cooked. Served spaghetti with beef and sauce on top and ate with chopsticks.