07 October 2010

Pesto Chicken II

We finally have internet in our flat! It was wonderful - the academy's bus driver (improbable, I know, but he is fantastic) asked an 'internet engineer' to come over. We were told they would come between 11:30 and 12, and on the dot of half past eleven the doorbell rang. Within minutes he was gone and we had wireless!

Last night I was feeling fairly unwell (see the 'Hospital' entry in my travel blog) so Tom cooked dinner for us, using my recipe for pesto chicken, and scaled it down for 2 with milk and margarine substituted for cream cheese. He also added basil and seasoning, and served it with conchiglie. It was absolutely delicious but obviously quite different to the original dish - more like expanded pesto than a pesto sauce. It had enough

In other culinary news, we are going cheese-free - or at least as cheese-free as possible. Towards the end of our time in Germany I began to suspect that I might be lactose-intolerant, and that combined with the extortionate price and bad quality of Korean cheese made the decision a fairly easy one.