15 October 2010

Chicken with Lemon Noodles

I was going to have an easy dinner of frozen dumplings with rice last night and then stumbled across this recipe for 'chicken with lemon-leek linguine.' I liked the idea of the chicken so went for this.

Floured Chicken with Lemon Noodles
Serves 2

2 chicken breasts
Italian herb mix

2 servings of noodles
1 onion
3 garlic cloves
300ml chicken stock
Lemon vinegar
Lemon juice
Italian herbs

Put the chicken breasts in a plastic bag and bashed with the back of a hairbrush until slightly thinned (which took ages!). Tipped enough flour to coat, along with the herbs and seasoning, into the bag and shook. Chopped 1 onion into thin half-moons and minced the garlic cloves. Boiled the noodles in salted water. Fried the onion, garlic and floured chicken until the chicken was cooked through, before removing the chicken. Added lemon vinegar to the pan to deglaze, along with the stock and lemon juice. Reduced a little before adding a tiny bit of milk, Italian herbs and seasoning. Reduced further. Drained the noodles, mixed noodles and sauce, and heated through. Returned the chicken to the pan and fried on each side for a couple of minutes before serving.