13 October 2010

Chicken and Beer Stew

When I told my Korean co-teacher that I would be making a chicken and beer stew tonight, her mind was blown. Apparently Koreans simply don't put alcohol in their food. A whole culture missing out on one of the greatest things to happen to humanity! I feel such pity, and am renewed on my quest to introduce boozy food to this country. (Or maybe not. Wine is expensive!)

Anyway, chicken and beer stew, from this recipe at Everybody Loves Sandwiches, my new favourite website. I would love to try this with homemade bread, but as everyone knows we are still an oven-free apartment. It was absolutely delicious anyway - the gravy ended up really creamy for something that included neither cream nor milk.

Chicken and Beer Stew
Serves 2

3 chicken breasts
1 garlic clove
Chilli powder

3 potatoes
2 onions
1 fat garlic clove
300ml chicken stock
Half a bottle of beer
Wholegrain mustard
Gravy powder

2 servings of rice

I put the chicken breasts, minced garlic, chilli, basil and seasoning into a plastic bag and scrunched it all together. Peeled and cut the potatoes into eights, onions into quarters, and minced the other garlic clove. Put the chicken in an oiled pan on a medium heat, turning once, until it is browned. Removed. Added more oil to the pan along with the vegetables and cooked for a few minutes, stirring, until coated in the oil. Sprinkled flour quite heavily over the vegetables and stirred. Added the chicken back in along with the stock and beer. Sprinkled with oregano and squeezed as much mustard as I could out of the bottle - probably about a tablespoon's worth. Seasoned and left to simmer for about forty five minutes. Added some gravy powder, not much, when the sauce was looking too thin. Twenty minutes before serving, once the potatoes were nearly edible, I put the rice on. Served in bowls.