12 October 2010

Honey Mustard Pork

I've added a 'Pages' gadget on the left hand side, below 'Recipe Websites' and above 'About Me.' At the moment there is only one page, 'Oven Recipes', which will list recipes I come across and am desperate to cook but can't until we get an oven! The oven recipes page currently only has one link, which is irritating because I know I found a gorgeous, mouthwatering oven-baked meal yesterday but apparently I forgot to bookmark it. (Edit: ignore that! Recipe found and linked. I'm extremely pleased with myself.)

From this BBC Good Food recipe. Another stovetop meal.

Honey Mustard Pork with Mashed Potato
Serves 2

1 400g pack of pork
Lemon vinegar (or vinegar and lemon juice)
Wholegrain mustard
Chilli and cinnamon spices

4 potatoes

Chopped the pork into chunks and marinaded in lemon vinegar, wholegrain mustard and honey for about twenty minutes. Peeled the potatoes, cut into chunks, and boiled in salted water until soft. Heated some oil in a pan and poured the pork with marinade in. Kept on a medium heat and stirred often. Added the chilli, cinnamon, thyme, and a spoonful of the potato water. Seasoned. Drained and mashed the potatoes with lots of milk and butter until creamy, seasoned. Served.