29 October 2010

Stovetop Enchiladas

Oh, enchiladas. This is a combination of foodstuffs that will never, ever be bad. You can do absolutely anything to the recipe and it will stay as delicious as the original. I can't emphasize how much I adore the combination of meat, salsa, tortillas of some sort, and mashed beans. This is a stovetop version, and I wish desperately that there were leftovers. Although I'd have eaten any leftovers last night anyway.

I've made a stovetop version of enchiladas before and called those "deconstructed enchiladas", which is a brilliant name for a dinner. That time we put each cooked ingredient into bowls and made the tortillas ourselves at the table. This time the enchiladas were more constructed, so I've gone with a more boring 'stovetop' version.

Stovetop Enchiladas
Serves 2 (but could have served just me)

1 garlic clove
Handful of chopped onion
1 pack chicken mince (I think - some kind of mince anyway)
1 small green chilli, deseeded
1 and a half cups of tomato sauce
1 tsp sugar
1 glug black raspberry wine
Big squirt of mayonnaise
Small handful of grated cheese

1 cup tomato sauce
1 small green pepper
Chilli powder
2 tsp sugar
1 glug black raspberry wine

1 tin of red kidney beans
Chilli powder
Italian herbs

4 tortilla wraps

The garlic and onion were chopped and heated in an oiled pan over a low heat. The mince was added and stirred until browned. The chilli was deseeded and chopped into small pieces then added to the pan. Added tomato sauce and stirred. Added wine, mayonnaise, cheese and seasonings and left to reduce.

Added the chopped green pepper to a separate pan with 1 cup tomato sauce. Added the other flavourings and stirred over a low heat until thick.

Drained the kidney beans and microwaved for 1 minute. Mashed with a fork, adding herbs and spices. Microwaved for 1 minute longer before mashing into a pulp.

Spread the mashed beans on the bottom of a tortilla. Topped with a ladleful of mince mixture. Tom put the salsa inside his tortilla. Sprinkled grated cheese over, folded the tortilla, and I put my sauce on top. Two tortillas each.