09 November 2010

Pork with Chilli-Apple Sauce Disaster

Oh, this dinner could have been so nice. I fried apple chunks, chopped chilli and pork in a pan to go with the stovetop roast potatoes. The first time we served it up, the potatoes were somehow uncooked in the middle. Everything went back in the pan, and the second time it was served up, the sweet potatoes were burnt and the pork had gone rubbery. Sigh. Oh well, when you make it, you'll know better.

The chilli barely added any spice at all, even with extra chilli powder - there was just a hint of warmth. I would add one or two more next time. Also, alcohol (of course) would make this apple sauce better. By the way, this is one of the easiest sauces I've ever made, given that apple sauce pretty much makes itself.

This is just the recipe for the main dish - the recipe for the side can be found above. I did five small potatoes and three larger sweet potatoes, and my mistake was in boiling them for under 10 minutes before draining them to be fried. We also put the normal potatoes in the frying pan about five minutes before the sweet potatoes, as sweet potatoes seem to cook faster.

Pork with Chilli-Apple Sauce
Serves 2 (generously - probably serves 3 really)

200g pork
Handful of chopped onion
1 kwari pepper (a small, green, curled chilli)
1 and a half apples
Chilli powder

I chopped the pork and pepper, and peeled and chopped the apples. The onion and apple were put into a hot oiled pan and fried for five minutes. The chilli and pork were added, along with spices and seasoning. The pot was left for ten minutes, though I stirred occasionally. The apple releases its juices and creates a lovely brown sauce which the pork braises in.