11 November 2010

Chicken with Mustard Sauce

This week, I've been re-doing recipes rather than trying new ones. Unfortunately, the cheap passata we bought was more like ketchup than tomato sauce, so a second attempt at Tunisian chicken was disgusting. Yesterday, I mixed milk and broccoli pesto to retry the amazing pesto chicken, which worked pretty well but wasn't worth creating a whole separate post for. Basically, pesto + creamy sauce = delicious. And easy.

Tonight was a third night of chicken, inspired by (not really adapted from) this recipe at BBC Good Food. We served it with rice, which is bland anyway, but this dish did lack something. I'm not sure what, and it was perfectly pleasant - I could have had more afterwards - but... yes. Not a meal to impress.

The good news, however, is that this is the first time I've successfully made mustard sauce!

Chicken with Mustard Sauce
Serves 2

Handful of chopped onion
2 chicken breasts
1 tbsp flour
2-3 cups milk
2 tsps cream cheese
1 tbsp parsley or other herb(s)
1 splash white wine
3 tsps wholegrain mustard

The onion was fried in hot oil for a few minutes before the chicken was added, to seal on each side. The flour was sprinkled over and stirred through to make a loose roux, and the milk added. The heat was turned up until the milk was on the point of boiling before being lowered again. Cooked through for ten minutes before the cheese, parsley, wine and mustard were added. Stirred and cooked for another ten minutes until the chicken was no longer pink in the middle. Served over rice.