22 March 2011

Minted Frozen Yoghurt with Chocolate Chips

My favourite ever ice cream flavour is mint chocolate chip. My second favourite ever ice cream flavour is raspberry yoghurt. As I'd been low on ice cream from a while, and as the weather's been getting warmer (today excepted, sadly), I thought I would combine them - without the raspberry, which is probably for the best. It's delicious. But remember to churn while you're freezing it. I accidentally left my ice cream in the freezer while I went out, so only churned once, and have ended up with crumbles of ice cream instead of scoops. It's tasty, but it's difficult to get out of the tub!

Minted Frozen Yoghurt with Chocolate Chips
Makes about 700ml ice cream

450ml yoghurt (I used goats' yoghurt)
1 cup cream
1 handful mint leaves
1 cup sugar
1 cup chocolate chips

Mix the yoghurt and cream in a pan and stir together, with half a cup of the sugar.

Wash the mint and tear each leaf in half (or smaller) to release the oils. Add them to the pan.

Heat over a low flame, stirring, until bubbles begin to appear at the edges. Immediately turn the heat off and leave to infuse for as long as you can - between one and three hours should be good.

At this point you can strain the leaves out, or leave them in.

Move the mixture to a freezable dish once cool, and add the second half-cup of sugar and chocolate chips. Stir through and put in the freezer.

Every thirty minutes, take the ice cream out and stir it roughly with a fork to break up any ice crystals. Repeat until you have churned three or four times, and then leave for a few more hours (or overnight) to freeze through.